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Where to Find a Weed Grinder for Sale

Where to Find a Weed Grinder for Sale

Grinders are stocked in dispensaries, headshops, and most places that sell smoking accessories, but they can easily be purchased online. Retailers offer versions in funky, colorful designs, so there’s no limit to how creative or simple you want yours to be.

People looking for a discreet, minimalist feel may find that chrome black grinder (here at Vessel) blends into the environment better than loud, in-your-face designs. If you live with family or roommates, keeping your stash under wraps is a welcome safety measure. 

You can buy different types of grinders online such as hash slicer at

Hash Slicer

A quality grinder ends up saving you in the long term because it helps you conserve weed. If you’re mashing large pieces of bud into a bowl, you not only run out of herb quicker but miss out on kief. Consider the pros and cons when buying inexpensive grinders from big-name, commercial websites compared to investing in a durable, more expensive grinder from specialty designers.

What is the best grinder for blunts or rolling papers?

Since blunts require a lot of herbs, sometimes more than a gram or two at a time, grinders with spacious grinding chambers work best. The TheGunmetal grinder has a 2″ wide chamber for holding lots of herb at once. Make sure to use a rolling tray to help you keep all of your herbs in one place. 

What is a herb grinder used for?

An herb grinder condenses smokable botanicals into a fine, powdery texture, or ground herb. The ridged teeth/blades on a metal herb grinder cut through dense buds that otherwise wouldn’t burn as easily on their own. 

Mary Mack