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What To Expect From Your Yacht Charter Crew

What To Expect From Your Yacht Charter Crew

A fantastic yacht charter crew does everything to make sure your trip becomes the best, most memorable vacation for you. Therefore, any reasonable request you've got will provide.

They'll discuss with you a daily trip that will suit your wishes on the first day of the excursion and every morning depending upon the weather conditions along with also the disposition of your group. They will be anchored with prepared drinks just before the sun sets; If necessary they will set up the windsurf board three times every day; They'll cook your meals based on your choice. You can book a private yacht charter in Tulum via


Furthermore, they will allow or instruct you to conduct the ferry (under supervision); They'll take you to a fantastic snorkeling spot; They will be very patient with children, teaching them things such as tying knots; And they will require you to the restaurant or the shore. In general, most good ferry clubs do that.

Overall, they are super great (they should be) since you're the source of their livelihood and the last thing they need is for you to send a bad trip report to a broker or yacht charter company. Basically, there are two important kinds of scenarios where problems can occur.

1. Security:

Do not insist that the captain notify you that it's definitely unsafe to go to a certain place, even if it's included in your field of work. Keep in mind he is skilled and he's responsible for protecting everybody on the board. So, try not to push him; He can be very firm if he has to.

2. General courtesy: Don't attempt and become arrogant, improperly dirty, or filthy, and feature a drink at a party.  They're professional seaman hosts seeking to perform a difficult job which they can. And for this, they should be treated with respect and friendship. You're not required, but it's surely a good indication of admiration for the services that you have received; Or at the suggestion. If you are really happy with your trip, provide your yacht charter team a gratuity.

Not all yacht charter company brochures or websites will mention gratuity. But know that traditionally accepted gratuity is 10 percent to 15% of the total ferry leasing fee. Some guests are also pleased to give up to 20%. Gratuity is roughly 50 percent of the overall earnings of a yacht charter team.

Mary Mack