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Wall Art Ideas For a Country-Style Kitchen

Wall Art Ideas For a Country-Style Kitchen

A country kitchen highlights all the warmth and character this popular gathering place has to offer. One only has to envision family and guests gathered around a large homemade wooden table surrounded by warm colors and homey textures, sharing food, drink, conversation, and laughter.

Wall art in a country-style kitchen can serve to amplify this cozy feel, reflecting the styles, themes, and colors already displayed through the room. If you're looking to design comfortable and welcoming kitchen decor, here are some great wall art ideas for a country-style kitchen to get you started.

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Traditional Country Kitchen Decor

When decorating the kitchen, many want to re-create an echo of simpler times, a place to escape from the harried pace of our modern world. Often these kitchens are filled with distressed woods and tiles, handcrafted furnishings, country antiques, and old-fashioned braided rugs.

Country art prints should reflect this nostalgic feel, providing a glimpse into times long past. For example, The Kitchen by Carl Larsson showcases an old farm kitchen scene, complete with little girls wearing pinafores and sunbonnets.

Or you could go back further in time with Martina Chardin's Kitchen Maid, its warm earth tones depicting a young lady hard at work. There are also simpler prints like Kay Lamb Shannon's Victorian Kitchen that depict kitchen scenes from earlier eras.

Natural Country Designs

Another approach to the country-style kitchen is a natural country design highlighted by warm colors, an open floor plan, and lots of light. The focus here is on natural fibers and country-inspired wood grains, accented by handcrafted furnishings and pure colors.

The framed art pictures you choose for a natural kitchen should capture this organic comfortable look and reflect the warmth and brightness of the design scheme.

Mary Mack