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Ways To Get Computer Eye Strain Relief

You are looking for relief from the pain of computer use, whether you work long hours in an office setting or are a student working on papers for finals. Computer Vision Syndrome is a rising problem that affects millions of Americans. 

What is Computer Vision Syndrome? This is a temporary vision condition that results from focusing on a computer screen for extended and unbroken periods of time. This condition affects between 42-78% of Americans working in the computer industry, particularly video display terminal workers. Two main factors contribute to this problem.


1. This condition is more common in those who are nearsighted or have age-related eye problems. This is because of the widespread use of computers and technology, our eyes are unable to focus on distant objects. Our eyes are put under strain by the constant strain of staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, without any breaks. This causes vision problems by accumulating stress.

2. Eye strain can also be caused by improperly placed computers. Computers that are placed at an upward position cause us to shift our focus from work materials on a desk to look up at a computer monitor. Dr. Kent Daum, an optometrist, stated that the constant refocusing effort can stress the eye muscles and lead to vision problems related to computers.

These simple relaxation techniques for the eyes can help reduce eye strain from CVS.

1. Take 20-second breaks between 20 minutes and 20 seconds to avoid staring at your computer. This puts your eyes in a relaxed state. As a reminder, place a sticker on your computer.

2. Blinking, an eye exercise that involves blinking, is very beneficial. It helps keep your eyes moist and relieves dry eyes. Breathe deeply and blink frequently.

3. Eyebright and Schisandra Berry are two vision supplements that have been well-received for their ability to relieve tired eyes. Eyebright improves circulation and provides stress relief for tired eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome can often be treated and the discomfort caused by this condition can be alleviated. You can have a more enjoyable work experience by making simple adjustments to your eye relaxation techniques.