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The Important Role of Breeding and Keeping Service Dogs

Not everyone knows of the important role that service dogs play in our everyday life. And meanwhile service dogs are helping people worldwide in such tasks like, f.e. guarding property.

Service dogs help to pasture and protect sheep from numerous predators. They help in finding minerals. And of course they have proven themselves great as guides for blind people.

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They also made a significant contribution to scientific research. In Russia there is even a monument of the dogs that took part in the research of I.P. Pavlov. They played an important role in Space Exploration and during the hard years of World War II service dogs were used to search for the badly wounded, carried weapons, ammo and food, and even managed to blow up enemy tanks.

Service dogs were used to warn scouts about closing enemies. They helped to find and disarm thousands of mines, missiles and bombs. Service dogs trained to sniff out mines made a significant contribution to the mine clearing of Budapest, Vienna and many other cities.

Service dogs are also widely used in border guard. They warn about trespassers, help in their pursuit, arrest and disarming. Millions of movie and TV viewers love the fearless dogs that help the movie heroes in their hard work.

There are different ways to keep such animals: in a field, in group, in the yard or in the apartment.

Group keeping is common in many specialized nurseries, for example in the army, large livestock farms, where dogs are bred, or in the police.

The field option is usually a temporary solution in case of an expedition, seasonal pasture or hunting season.

Yard keeping of service dogs is stationary, for long periods of time and provides comfortable conditions for a single dog in the country.

Lots of such dogs belong to the members of the service dog club and a kept in apartments. But in order to contain and care for the animal, the owner needs to know few basic rules and must also be aware of the influence of different environmental factors on the dog.