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Snapshot of The Cement Industry in India

While the construction industry is considered the second-largest contributor to the GDP growth of India, the role of the cement industry alone is quite significant in encouraging this growth. Basically, this industry of India plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth and prosperity of the construction industry as a whole.

There are various reasons why this industry is considered the backbone of the entire construction sector of India. Compiled below are some of these reasons. Take a look.

Global scenario of the industry

If the overall picture of the industry is taken into account, it will be found out that India has the second-largest cement market in the entire world, both from the perspective of consumption and production. You can check out Prism Johnson Limited that produces a wide range of products that cater to the various aspects of construction from foundation to finish. 

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Specifically from the perspective of production, the Indian cement industry is able to meet global demand for good quality cement. In particular, the industry meets around 7% of the total cement production of the entire world.

Future estimation of cement production

Future estimations are that the overall production of the industry will grow noticeably by 2020. Particularly speaking, it is estimated that the country will be able to produce 550 metric tons of cement by 2020.

Present production capacity

Roughly, the country produces 410 million tons of cement every year from 210 large plants that are located in different parts of India. However, there are 350 mini cement plants in India too in addition to these which make up for the rest of the cement production of around 450 million tons every year. Thus, the joint contributions of these plants make the cement industry of India consistently remain as the second-largest producer of cement in the entire world.