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Significance Of Back Lighting In Cosmetics Product Photography

Significance Of Back Lighting In Cosmetics Product Photography

Many people try to photograph their own products. While that's a good thing, they don't really have the skills to get a good shot. Even amateur photographers can leave a shortage of good photography due to a lack of experience. Decades of experience is a great teacher than just a few photography lessons.  You can get more information about product photography via

Product lighting gets the most attention from photographers. Every photographer will endeavor to adequately illuminate the product. Some go beyond that to light it up so much that the product is too bright and faded in photos.

Product Condition – What matters most is the type of product to be photographed. Solid products are very different from liquid cosmetics. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing the right settings.

Background – Often, eCommerce photography requires a white background. Amazon needs a smooth white background for all of its ads. This is a mandatory requirement. To get that white background, many photographers tend to use very bright light or use a high f-number on the camera. As a result, the product turns white and practically disappears in the light. Contrast is low and product edges appear blurred. 

Backlight – Amateur photographers focus less on lighting. They believe that daylight (sunlight) is the best environment for photographing products. But they lied. Studio Daylights is different. Use daylight for lighting.

Mary Mack