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Know About Medicaid Billing Integration

Know About Medicaid Billing Integration

Using the integrated Medicaid documentation functionality, medical diagnosis, procedure codes, and other required information can be recorded, generally automatically, by the use of templates, as a part of documenting each encounter.

The Medicaid documentation functionality provides the ability to record the specific ICD-9/10 code at the time any scheduled nursing, special education, or mental/behavioral health procedure is initially set up.

You can also choose SNF Billing for Skilled Nursing Facility Solutions & Nursing Home A/R Billing.

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When the scheduled medication is dispensed or the scheduled procedure is documented, the correct ICD-9/10 is automatically recorded in the documentation, providing accurate entries and saving hours of coding time; whether or not a template is used.

All of the state-specific billing procedure codes and modifiers for each job classification are recorded as part of the initial configuration, and the software automatically restricts use of specific codes to each billing provider to her/his specific job position.

The system provides the ability to record the professional license(s), including expiration dates, and qualifications of each user, and notifies the user and her/his supervisor prior to license expiration.

The Medicaid billing integrated system will not submit a Medicaid claim for a provider needing a supervisor's review of the documentation unless the approval is documented and attached as part of the event record.

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