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How Do You Deal With Dementia?

How Do You Deal With Dementia?

People who have difficulty thinking and communicating are diagnosed with dementia. Memory loss is the most common sign of dementia. Simple tasks, such as putting on clothes and remembering their names, are often lost in dementia patients. This is not a serious condition, but rather a condition. To cure this problem there are lots of activities for Alzheimer’s patients at home to help your elders who are suffering from this.


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There are many causes of dementia. These include Alzheimer's disease and head injuries, brain tumors, stroke. These causes can affect brain cells and eventually lead to dementia.

Language, memory, and cognitive skills are all brain functions. Two or more of these functions must be affected in order to be diagnosed as dementia.

Mild dementia

Mild dementia patients can continue driving and other daily activities. However, they may have difficulty with socializing and working.

Moderate dementia

It is important to pay close attention and supervise. They are not safe living alone. Driving is forbidden.

Severe Dementia

You will need to be supervised around the clock. Persons with severe dementia have difficulty expressing them clearly, are unable or unwilling to maintain their personal hygiene, and may find it difficult to speak. This stage is known as "psychologically handicapped" and can lead to loss of muscle function.

Communication is the biggest challenge. It can be frustrating to not be able to express your feelings verbally.

Dementia sufferers can hallucinate in scary situations. Maintain a happy and lively environment.

Mary Mack