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All About Digital Signage

All About Digital Signage

A digital signage network originally envisioned as an advertising play could be expanded with strategically placed signs to satisfy wayfinding needs or serve as reader boards for conference rooms.

Bigger signs: Rather than expand the number of signs in a network, savings can be used to acquire larger signs or multiple signs used in combination to create greater impact. You can choose the best digital signage for your storefront via

Better content: Savings resulting from lower panel prices also can be used to improve content played back on the network.

Not only can the savings be used to improve the production quality of the video, graphics, and other visual elements, but they also can be used to add an entirely new dimension to the network's presentation.

For example, the addition of weather instruments to sense temperature readings can be used to trigger weather-appropriate content.

In a retail store, specific climate conditions could trigger the digital signage broadcasting server to playback sunscreen ads or earmuffs.

Not too long ago, TV sets connected to VCRs or DVD players dominated what was the precursor to today's digital signage market. However, as the DisplaySearch numbers reveal CRT sales are trailing off, replaced by what is quickly becoming the omnipresent LCD panel.

Mary Mack