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Advantages Of Buying A Used Car Instead Of New

Advantages Of Buying A Used Car Instead Of New

A new, sleek car is catching your eye. The ads on TV lure you into a dealer to look at the shiny new car. But is it the right choice for you? Sure, it’s got many bells and whistles, and an attractive financing option but what are alternatives? Cars that are used! 

Buying a used car will save you money, and provide the same level of satisfaction as a brand new one, and offer reliable transportation for years to come. 

1. No over-inflated fees

A bargain on a new car could be attractive however many new cars come with hidden or outrageous costs like shipping fees as well as destination fees and “dealer pre-planning.” Certain new car prices contain hidden advertising costs that can be as high as $1000! 

A used vehicle generally does not have hidden costs however, you could be subject to a ” doc fee” which could amount to just a few hundred dollars.

2. Lower Customization Costs

There’s no need to pay for costly dealer add-ons when purchasing a used car. You could put in your own accessories for less than a brand new vehicle. It’s a great option to use your savings when purchasing a used car.

3. Fully Inspected and Certified

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles ensure that buyers of used cars that they’re buying a high-quality and thoroughly checked vehicle that’s also priced at a bargain. Certified pre-owned vehicles have been checked, refurbished, and then certified through the manufacture or any other certification authority, ensuring that the vehicle is of top quality.

Pre-owned certified vehicles typically have warranties that are extended, exclusive financing, and other advantages. New vehicles simply have the promise that they are brand new.

Mary Mack