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What Is A CBD Salve?

What Is A CBD Salve?

By definition, a salve is "an ointment used to strengthen or protect the skin". There is no difference between salve, ointments, or conditioners.

An ointment is a plant mixture that is applied directly to the skin, then absorbed. In the case of CBD solution, this infusion is CBD. You can also buy the best cbd salve via

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Are CBD strains the same as CBD creams and lotions? Not exactly. Even though they are all applied and absorbed into the skin, there are slight variations between the two. Each of them is described in detail here:

1.Ointment: Ointment is a combination of butter (usually coconut oil or olive oil) and beeswax.

2.Lotion: Lotion is a combination of oil and water mixed with an emulsifier (usually emulsifying wax or beeswax). The lotion contains a higher ratio of water to oil (70:20).

3.Cream: Creams are also made with a concentration of water and oil together with an emulsifier. Creams are more complex than lotions because they include more oil (45:45).

The only genuine discrepancy between CBD ointments, cream, and lotions is the quantity of water used to make them. For CBD ointments, they are not made with water, so they are much thicker in consistency than CBD lotion or CBD cream.

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