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What are the Features of Floor Model Yogurt Machines

What are the Features of Floor Model Yogurt Machines

When it comes to frozen yogurt machines, the floor model unit is a monster of the world of frozen desserts. They make almost 40 liters of cool treats, about double the number of table models that can be produced. A large business shop usually chooses a floor model because even though the price is more expensive, it redeems it in terms of efficiency. You can consider the best frozen yogurt machine for commercial and personal uses.

These models usually display air or cold compressors. With an air-cooled machine, hot air is pulled from the compressor with a fan. A water-cooled unit displays the water line that runs against the compressor and absorbs the heat produced. Water-cooled machines are usually more efficient than air-cooled ones. 

The air-cooled engine ranges from prices from around $ 12,000 to $ 24,000, depending on the features they include. The slim model is ideal for shops with limited floor space and high capacity units may be needed for the busiest shops. When milkshakes are served, buying a unit that displays onboard rocking makers may be the most economical approach.

Water-cooled machines are usually valuable between $ 15,000 and $ 24,000, based on features. The mixed storage cabinet can accommodate a mixed bag and bag-in-box packaging. High volume machines allow two people to operate units at the same time to speed up service. Some units display the moving parts that are visible, allowing customers to view products.

The frozen yogurt shop that specializes in exotic flavors will require some yogurt machines and volume discounts may be available when ordering from the same supplier. Having enough equipment to compensate for demand is very important, especially when it was established. Keeping delicious frozen yogurt flowing all day making customers back for more.

Mary Mack