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Types Of Cement Silos And Their Role

Types Of Cement Silos And Their Role

Cement silos are used for industrial storage of cement for mixing concrete and can be found both in landfills for concrete production and on construction sites. Static silos are typically placed in landfills to make concrete, using traditional doses of dry mix mixed during transport to the construction site. 

Since the cement is susceptible to moisture in the air, effective storage of cement, whether in landfills or on construction sites, is essential to avoid loss. You can also visit https:/ to hire the best silo construction company.

Silo Repairs

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Mobile cement silo

Cement silos are also available in movable form so that the concrete can be mixed on-site as needed. There are several mobile concrete silos with different capacities. They are typically useful for medium to large construction sites where on-site production is preferred over moving wet concrete from landfills. 

This usually occurs when the distance from the construction site to the landfill is very large or when large quantities of concrete are required throughout the day. 

In the latter case, on-site concrete production can significantly reduce transportation costs for both the supplier and the construction company.

Cement silo type

There are two common types of commercial cement silos, standing silos, and low silos. The low silo is hauled into the back of the truck and parked. 

Modern systems typically have a capacity of 10 to 75 tonnes and have a complete electronic weighing system with display and printing devices that allow for precise inventory control and invoicing.

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