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Top Cookie Flavors For Baby Showers And Other Parties

Top Cookie Flavors For Baby Showers And Other Parties

Cookies are a loved treat for any type of celebration and also as a snack generally. There are hundreds of varieties of cookies you can serve to guests at events. 

You can also order cookies online at that offers Personalised cookies in NZ. If you’re struggling to decide which flavor to serve Here are five of the most popular flavors of cookies according to our study of research:

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1. Chocolate Chip – It’s no surprise, but chocolate chips lead the pack with a huge margin. Every cookie maker has chocolate chip cookies, which are a tasty mix of chocolate and batter. 

2. Fortune Cookies – Fortune cookies are also a popular choice for numerous occasions. Simple, sweet treats with a message in them that can be customized to suit any occasion.

3. Sugar Cookies – These are well-known and represent the sweetness and simplicity that many people think of when they think of cookies. The sugar cookie is one of the easiest to prepare and can be a delicious snack for children at parties.

4. Peanut butter cookies – Peanut butter has been an all-time favorite among kids and adults alike. While the use of peanuts as an ingredient in recipes goes at the beginning of 1900, it wasn’t until the 1930s that peanuts were listed as an ingredient in cookies. Since then peanut butter cookies have gained popularity in bakeries and shops.

5. Oatmeal cookie – In our healthy society oatmeal cookies remain well-loved. While they’re not completely healthy, they usually have fewer calories than other cookies and taste delicious.

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