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Top Benefits Of Dental Implants

Top Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are similar to the entire tooth structure. Titanium roots are inserted into the bone and used to support prostheses, bridges, or crowns. It tastes, acts, and looks like real teeth and will last a lifetime if the right care is used. 

With the innovation in dentistry, most patients are adopting dental implant technology as it has become the most advanced solution for tooth replacement solution due to its advantages over previous treatments.

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1. Dental implants work just like natural teeth

One of the greatest advantages of implantation is the complete restoration of the strength of chewing. Most patients cannot understand the difference between implanted teeth and their natural teeth. They can normally eat, brush and floss.

2. Prevents bone loss

Bone loss occurs in the jaw when there are no tooth roots, which stimulates the jawbone. In the absence of teeth, the jaw space begins to deteriorate in the space due to a lack of stimulation.

If you don't use the implant in the first year of tooth loss, the area of bone will lose 25% of its volume and will continue to suffer bone loss for many years. Because implants help replace roots and teeth and normalize chewing, they provide the stimulation needed for natural bone growth.

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