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Things to Consider When Choosing Collar Dress Shirt

Things to Consider When Choosing Collar Dress Shirt

Within the framework of a standard men’s dress shirt, many variations can exist; there are differences in fit, cuff style, buttons, and so on. But what of the collar?

Before we begin to look at the wide variety of collar styles available, it’s useful to consider the various parameters that influence how a collar looks:

1. Collar Spread

Collar spread is basically, the distance between the points of the collar. Face shape again comes into play. If you have a thin or narrow face, a spread collar can help counterbalance that; wearing a narrow collar, in this case, will only enhance the impression of narrowness and make your head look longer.

On the other hand, if you have a wide or round face, wearing a collar with the points closer together will slim down your face. Here, you can try narrow cutaway collar shirts. So, unlike collar size, in terms of spread, you want to choose essentially the opposite of your face width. A convenient means of categorizing shirt collars is by the distance between the points from narrow to wide.

cutaway collar shirt

2. Collar Stiffness

Stiff detachable collar exists in contrast-collar shirts (also called Winchester shirts), but collar stiffness is determined by the thickness of the fused (glued) interlining used to form the collar.

3. Collar Height

Collar height is the measure of how high a collar sits on your neck, measured from the fold down to the point. Taller collars are more formal as well as more aggressive; they communicate that you’re a boss. When choosing a shirt for the workplace, be aware of the impression that collar height makes.

Keep in mind that collar style should conform to face shape, and in terms of size, you want to choose one similar to the size of your head and face. These are the things you need to consider when choosing a collar.

Mary Mack