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Things To Consider About Bath Towel Hygiene

Things To Consider About Bath Towel Hygiene

Every day we use towels – towels to bath, towels to wash our faces, and towels to dry our hands. You may not realize how poor hygiene can make your family sick.

Some people love to reuse bath towels, while others will use them once and then toss them in the hamper with their dirty clothes. After bathing, you should be able to see how dirty your towel is. 

You may have to wash your towels more frequently if you sweat a lot, exercise a lot, or do a job that makes you dirty like a construction worker. You can also click here to read further about the bath towels online.

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To dry your towel, place it on the towel rack or shower rod. You should always inspect the towel before drying it. It might develop a mildew odor from air drying. 

To remove mildew smells, wash the towel with one to two cups vinegar or one cup ammonia. This will help to remove mildew odor and give your towels a new smell.

To kill germs and bacteria, use the highest setting when washing towels. Hot water can cause color fading so you need to separate colored towels before washing them. If towels are stained, use color-safe bleach, unless they are white. In that case, you can use regular bleach.

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