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The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop is a 16-foot long, 3-inch thick steel hoop that can be set up in any location. It's designed to increase the height of the rim from 4 feet to 6 feet high. The goal is also self-locking, so you don't have to worry about it turning into a projectile when it falls.  

The Goalrilla basketball hoop is a freestanding hoop that can be folded up and stored easily when not in use. The metal frame makes it very durable, resistant to vandalism, and easy to move around. It is designed to fit the average doorframe. This Goalrilla basketball hoop is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  

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There are many ways to play basketball, and many ways to create a safe playing environment. However, the most common way to play is with a traditional basketball hoop. The goalrilla is a recent invention that allows users to do more than just shoot hoops. It can also be used for other activities like bouncing balls, catching and shooting baskets, or even playing football.  

The Goalrilla is a basketball hoop that can be set up in two different ways, traditional and portable. Traditional basketball goals are typically four feet high with a base that has six feet of width and depth. The portable Goalrilla has a height of five feet and uses the same base as the traditional goal.  

I'm reluctant to review the Goalrilla basketball hoop. It's just not weird enough for me. I have a bar with a basketball rim and on either side of it, a mini-basketball net that hangs down from the ceiling. I think that's more than enough hoops for my house.


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