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Pick A Mobile Coffee Franchise Over Coffee Shops For Sale In Melbourne

The coffee industry has been on the rise for years. We've seen coffee shops for sale springing up and being snapped up all over the high street, in fact, it seems that every third space in any given town is a café or a coffee shop, a cake shop, or another variant of the same concept. You can also look for a mobile coffee franchise in Melbourne by clicking at:

Xpresso Mobile Cafe – Australia – Mobile Coffee Van Franchise

So why choose a mobile franchise over a static unit?

There's no need to find premises

While mobile coffees van you don't need to find that killer location and pay the killer prices for the rent that goes along with it. You simply pay for your van and drive where the people want your excellent beverages and delicious snacks. You're not fighting for a spot among the shoppers because you don't need them; you have events and businesses to cater for.

Coffee shops have been done

You might have picked up from the beginning of this article, but coffee shops for sale are two a penny. They make up a huge percentage of the market, so if you decide to get involved then you're fighting for a spot where there's already plenty of others doing the same. Vans are less common, and they're not fighting for the same plots so you'll be laying the groundwork and establishing a customer base in an up and coming industry rather than fighting your way into one at its peak.

You're your own boss

You get to work when you like, and how you like. In a coffee shop, you're likely to need staff, and it can actually add a lot of pressure to your working model. Your organizational skills don't need to be quite so cracking if it's only yourself you need to organize.