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Talent Development Is Now Mission Critical

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, the government agency tasked with keeping its hand on the pulse of the American labor force), virtually every industry in America, over the next 10 years, will experience labor shortages unprecedented in the history of American business. 

As a result of these mitigating factors, it is believed that there just won't be enough experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled workers to go around. You can also visit the LDP Connect community for the best talent development organisation. 

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In fact, experts are warning companies that in the very near future, they will no longer be able to simply buy in talent at reasonable prices, because organizations from around the world will be recruiting from the same talent pools. Thus smart and savvy leader companies have begun the process of growing their own talent from within.

The second strategy is to create a robust leadership development program that will ensure your organization has enough of the critical talent it will need in the coming years ahead. Once you identify the players who are ready to become starters, you must develop them in all aspects of leadership including emotional intelligence, which include decision making, team building, and the ability to get along and influence people.

As talent development takes center stage around the country, and around the world, organizations taking heed to President Wilson's words, as well as to the warning put forth by the BLS, are the ones that will remain competitive, now and far into the future.


America is on the verge of a war for top talent, which is unprecedented in the history of American business. Because organizations from around the world will be recruiting from the same talent pools, shortages will be felt in virtually every industry in America. Smart and savvy organizations have already begun developing their own talent from within, giving them a competitive advantage over other organizations.