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The First Principle of Vedic Self Help

The first principle of Vedic philosophy is that truth and happiness are the same. The root word "sat" is used to denote truth as in "satya" and happiness as in "sadgati". This forms the basis of the entire Vedic framework.

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Indeed, this search for happiness through the discovery of truth determines the most essential characteristics of human life. All advances in science and human efforts to know the world better are driven by the impulse to find happiness through this truth.

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It defines our humanity. In Sanskrit, people are called Manushya, which literally means "one who can analyze or evaluate the truth".

Now we often see that illusion and ignorance also bring happiness. The entire entertainment industry and even most of the sects were thriving and bringing happiness to the masses through illusion and ignorance.

This seems to contradict the principle that "truth" and "happiness" are synonymous. In fact, this has led many philosophers to believe that happiness is simply a matter of perception and cannot be judged on the basis of right or wrong; true or false.

And from a limited point of view, they are also right. Later we will be able to deal with this obvious paradox as we examine some of the more basic principles of Vedic philosophy.