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How to Choose the Best Personal Duress Alarm In Lane Cove

If you're in a situation where you could be forcibly taken away or held against your will, it's important to have an alarm that will let you know if this happens. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best personal duress alarm: 

1. Location and accessibility: Make sure the alarm is easily accessible and can be triggered from a distance if necessary. If the alarm is located near your bed, for example, it might not be as effective if someone attempts to take you away while you're sleeping. You can also know more about personal duress alarms via navigating this website in Lane Cove.

2. Sound quality and volume: Make sure the sound of the alarm is loud and clear enough so that you can hear it even if you're being forced to stay quiet. The louder the alarm, the more likely you are to be able to escape before something bad happens.

3. Motion detection and activation features: Some alarms include motion detection technology that will activate the alarm if someone tries to move the device without first opening the cover. This can help ensure that you're notified even if someone manages to sneak past your initial security measures.

4. Battery life and durability: Make sure the battery life of the alarm is long enough so that you won't have to worry about recharging it several times per night. 

5. Auxiliary products and accessories: Some alarms include auxiliary product and accessory options that can help protect your home and family while keeping costs down. Buying these items separately will often result in higher cost over time because they have a tendency to break or get lost after a few uses, so it's important to consider them when purchasing your system.