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Thing You Know About Amazon FBA Prep Service In Canada

As an Amazon seller, you must manage various aspects of the sales process from product sourcing to sales. There are many steps you need to do yourself. 

Packing and labeling are one of the steps you need to pay attention to, although it may seem like a small process, packing and labeling is an important part of selling on Amazon, especially if you are an FBA seller. You can find the best FBA prep in Canada via

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Amazon FBA Setup Service

The FBA Setup Service is an Amazon service you can sign up for to help you navigate the packaging process. If you have decided to use the FBA fulfillment service, you will need to set up some parameters in your seller account. You must check the "Who Preps" box on your product prep page and select "Amazon Prep".

Label service

Amazon FBA Setup Service focuses solely on the packaging, so you will still need to apply for a Label Service to complete the entire packaging and labeling process.

When you sign up for a label service, Amazon applies an Amazon barcode to your products once they arrive at an Amazon fulfillment center. 

You can apply your own barcode label by selecting 'Retailer' from the 'Who's Labeling' tab in your account seller. You can change the settings for each product that you have made as a shipment and the data will be stored by Amazon for the next shipment.