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Things To Look For In Email Archiving Solutions

At first glance, email archiving is as easy as it sounds: a system for keeping email safe and searchable. However, email archiving solutions with nearly 20 years of history on the market can be complex, expensive, and difficult to deploy at scale.

Email archiving is intended to ensure that your company maintains access to email for legal and business purposes. Without the right solutions, your company will likely spend too much time archiving emails. Before spending money on a 'cloud mail logging solution', make sure you choose a solution that fits your business needs.

Using Cloud Email Archiving Solutions Has Become Critical For All Businesses Today

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Here are some must-haves when considering an email archiving solution.

Ability to swallow the previous emails:

The email archiving solution must be able to absorb existing emails before the solution is implemented. What's the point of an email archive that doesn't contain all of your business communications? Make sure the provider can ingest existing PST files or email storage. Without this option, you run the risk of data loss.

Data overload:

Data overload is a must. Make sure your data is spread across multiple data centers. The more you use the data center, the better. If your data center is hit by a natural disaster, you'll still need access to your archived emails. The provider you choose should offer a high level of redundancy. Without adequate redundancy, your company data is at risk.

Easy search and retrieval:

Don't assume that only your IT team has access to the email archive. Relying on your IT team to pull emails from the archive reduces the workload. You want your IT team to focus on more pressing issues! The email archiving solution you pick should be easy. Anyone with access to the repository should be able to find and retrieve emails.