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Heavy Machines must be Maintained with these Tips

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Heavy machines play a crucial role in the construction and earthmoving industry. Heavy machines like bulldozers, excavators and cranes are some of the heavy machines that are used on a daily basis to finish the work. Since heavy machines are used daily, there are chances of malfunctioning leading to the requirement of maintenance. If you work in this industry, then you should be aware of the importance of heavy machine maintenance.

  1. By Applying Lubrication – There are moving parts inside the machines that are constantly moving. Due to the movement of the parts, applying lubrication is crucial. If ignored, then the parts can face wearing and tearing. Ensure you apply some form of lubrication in order to keep the machine in top condition while improving its life span.
  2. By Cleaning – Cleaning the heavy machines is important since they run on the ground. While running on the ground, dirt and debris easily get to enter inside the delicate parts of the machine which can cause malfunctioning.
  3. By Inspection – Inspecting the heavy machines is crucial to check for signs of malfunctioning. If the machine has any suspicious problems, then it is important to keep a track of it. This helps the senior officials to make a report and get the machine fixed for something that is needed. For instance; the seals and gaskets should be inspected if they are damaged or broken. Or you can also check the alignment of pulleys and belts which needs to be in a straight line.

Earthmoving companies in Brisbane must follow these tips in order to keep the machines in the best condition.

Do you Know How Many types of Earthmoving Equipment are there?

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Moving the land might not be as easy as it reads. However, with the right equipment, the process becomes much easier. Still, choosing the right one from a list of available options can be tricky. Let’s explore different excavation machines available and what each of them is good for.

Mini Loaders: The mighty machines, also called dingos, are a perfect choice for tight areas. It is recommended for use in places like the backyard while operating it from the house’s side. Mini loaders don’t have a cabin, and the operator gets lever controls standing on its back. You can use various attachments like a soil leveler, a bucket, or a trench digger. The machine works the best for lawn replacement, rock wall building, or loading the garden with dirt for bed/terrace building.

Skid Steer Loaders: Loaded with skid tires, this machine is powerful and can lift a heavier load than mini loaders. While each side has independent operations, skidding tires allow it to spin at the same position. Their tight turning circle makes them an ideal option for confined spaces.

Dumpers: These are more like carry vehicles used with an excavator. Dumpers are used to carry dirt away after the excavator loads them. The machine is used on sites with lots of dirt-moving work available.

Excavators: This machine offers a great solution for digging footings that you might need for a dam, a pond, a pool, or a house extension. Excavators are available in multiple sizes and weight capacities for different applications.

Post Hole Diggers: These are used to dig holes down the ground, which could be required for soil testing, planting shrubs, or fence post holes.

Earthmoving companies in Brisbane deploy a range of machines to ensure they use the right one for every job.