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What are the causes of anxiety attacks?

If you have ever had an attack of anxiety, you don't need to be told that it is a really frightening event. While it is happening, it is difficult to remember that the incident itself can't hurt you.

The baseline of stress attacks, frequently also called panic attacks, is an abnormal level of anxiety attacks. It's natural to have anxiety now and then. Normally, however, our anxiety is within normal ranges, and so is manageable. Following a short period, we get on with our lives.

Unfortunately, some people experience stress levels that are so strong and long-lasting, that regular daily activities are totally interrupted. To further compound the problem, the anxiety episodes may occur virtually daily.

If you visit a doctor for treating your stress, then you'd probably be prescribed several drug-based drugs. However, most drugs have some side effects, therefore this is not the best way to cure for a lot of individuals.

Among the most common drugs used in treating anxiety are drugs that fall within the antidepressant class. This kind of drugs affects the parts of your mind that manage your moods and emotions. Some other choice drugs are mild tranquilizers, which are meant to keep you calm. The third group of popular drugs is beta-blockers. These restrain the outward, or bodily, evidence of stress attacks.

These drugs can all be effective. But some just work after a time period. As with most drugs, side effects may happen and can be acute. Common side effects such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and even addiction can occur in some individuals. Also, keep in mind that anxiety can re-occur and even increase for a period of time.