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Safest Cookware – Important Must Have Qualities

Safest Cookware – Important Must Have Qualities

With so much toxic cookware on the market, it is common to choose unhealthy cookware. Here's a simple guide to help you choose the safest cookware for your family. You can also get more info about safest cookware through the internet.

The safest cookware should have the following properties:

  • It must be poison free
  • The nutritional value of food must be maintained

Metals and ceramics are the most common materials used to make cooking utensils today.

The safest cookware will be completely free of metals or chemical toxins. The only equipment available in the market is pure clay pots. While cooking in clay pots is thousands of years old, a lack of awareness in recent decades has resulted in people turning to metal. However, as people became more and more health conscious, they slowly returned to pure clay cooking.

Pure clay is the purest form of primary clay which is inherently unreactive and non-toxic.

How cooking utensils affect nutrition

The heat from metals and ceramics is almost infrared – this is raw heat that destroys refined nutrients (such as complex carbohydrates) and deprives food of certain nutrients. The water-soluble nutrients that the body needs every day come out like steam when cooked in a conventional pan. If you continue to eat such foods, your body will run out of complex carbohydrates, water-soluble nutrients, and other essential nutrients.

With so many health benefits for humans and the environment, clay pots are arguably the safest cooking utensils on the market today. It's time to leave the toxic cookware and choose this gift from nature to make healthy meals.

Mary Mack