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Residential Air Conditioning Efficiency – Make It Your Goal

Residential Air Conditioning Efficiency – Make It Your Goal

So, you already have a residential air conditioning unit installed. However, you are finding that there are areas of the home that are warmer than others.

This is a signal that you have a problem. Your options are as diverse as the weather in your area. You can also choose carrier residential air conditioners for better cooling.

When trying to conserve on your energy and utility bill, here are few tips that can get you going in the right direction:

1. Be sure to have your residential air conditioning unit maintenance every year. If the motor is running an uphill battle to get past the freeze up, you are wasting money and energy. An annual servicing will save you time, headaches, and grouchy, overheated spouses and children in the long run. Money well spent!

2. If you are just looking at cooling down a room because the residential air conditioning system is not meeting all of your needs. Again, you have options. You can buy a fan or two. Sometimes, a fan next to a vent to push the air out into the room a little better helps immensely. 

3. And last but not least, turn up your thermostat. Most people can stand a lot more hot or cold than they realize. Keeping your thermostat in the upper 70's to low 80's is another way to keep your bill under control.

Efficiency and energy savings are not rocket science. With these few suggestions, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars over the hotter summer months, as well as even in the colder winter ones. In today's economy and ecological state, we all have to do all we can to save where ever we can.

Mary Mack