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Queries About Stunt Scooters

Queries About Stunt Scooters

A lot of people wonder if the stunt scooters are meant for girls or boys? Without any discrimination, there are still great female riders, even though they are less common. This proves that gender isn't a barrier.

Here are some of the questions that can help you purchase the stunt scooters:

Question: What's an easy trick to do?

Answer: For beginners who want to learn basic tricks, you can start with a jump and then move on to a tailwhip.

Question: Is it necessary to have a fancy scooter to be successful?

Answer: In most cases, the more money you spend, the better your ride will be. More expensive stunt scooters have reinforced features and compression systems that increase their durability and performance. You can look for stunt & foldable scooters on sale & clearance up to 70% off.

Question: Do you require metal wheels?

Answer: Although it is not necessary to have a metal core wheel on your stunt scooters, you may need them for more difficult tricks or when riding frequently. However, if the wheels are made of weaker rubber or plastic material, they might break more often.

Question: What's the difference between an inward and a standard brief lip?

Answer: A normal flip is a backup stunt scooter flip, whereas an inwards flip is when the stunt scooter moves forwards during the flip.

These answers should answer many common questions about scooters. You will then be able to put the knowledge you have gained about the sport into practice the next time that you go out riding.

Mary Mack