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Make Investment In Fine Wine

Make Investment In Fine Wine

Fine wine can be a great investment, as well as being a highly enjoyable pastime. The right storage environment is essential, which can often be an overwhelming task for those who are new to the wine aging process.


This is the single most important factor when storing wine for long periods of time. The temperature should not exceed 24C any longer than brief spans of time, as above this wine begins to oxidize causing spoilage. If you have a varied wine collection the ideal temperature would be 12C, letting the temperature drop below this won't hurt the wine however it will slow down the aging process. If you want to know more about wine storage then you can visit for expert advice.


Of one the main causes of wine spoilage are oxidization, which often occurs when the cork dries out and shrinks. Climate control is essential here; it is important to keep the level of humidity high enough to ensure the cork is kept moist, but low enough to prevent mold or label decay. A perfect balance is around 65%-70%.


Wine should be kept isolated from other products where possible. Remember that wine 'breathes', so if stored with something with a putrid aroma, for example, the smell will permeate through the cork and taint the wine. This can also occur with musty odours, so good ventilation is always suggested when storing wine.

Mary Mack