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Learn Everything About the New Home Security Technology

Learn Everything About the New Home Security Technology

The safety of your family is your number one priority. The fact remains; we live in a dangerous world. Bad things happen. Nothing is completely safe, but we can try to stay relatively safe in an insecure world. 

Part of protecting you and your family from harm is investing in a home alarm system and security control room. Below we have an overview of some of the newest and most innovative products on the home security market.

What are the Home Automation Features of Security Systems?

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Electric Door Locks: Why waste precious time locking and securing every door in your home? The time you waste locking all your doors can make the difference between life and death. Strong door lock saves you from trouble. You can lock all your doors at the same time. It really simplifies things and can come in handy at night – you'll never forget to lock the back door again.

Safety Control Room: consider having a safe space for your belongings. A vault is a protected space where you can store your valuables such as stereo and video equipment, jewelry, and the like. Protected rooms are always locked and are often equipped with motion detectors and door sockets. They are also in a separate security zone and armed around the clock.

Buried Coaxial Cable: This cable is used to protect the perimeter which would otherwise be exposed by fences or other obstacles. Coaxial cable buried underground; one cable acts as a transmitter while the other acts as a receiver. An invisible field is created that cannot be recognized and bypassed. The technology can also use a reflectometer to detect all intruders within one meter.

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