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Know the Duties of a Bookkeeper Before Hiring One

Know the Duties of a Bookkeeper Before Hiring One

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Bookkeepers maintain ledgers (books) for a business to ensure accurate accounting and wise decision making. While that looks like an easy job, it covers a lot more than one sentence can cover. A bookkeeper is responsible for numerous duties towards a business. So, if you are planning to hire one, make sure the candidate is capable of doing everything listed here.

  • Data Entry: The basic task of a bookkeeper is to record entries into the system. This includes all the incoming and outgoing transactions covering both cash and credit types. Depending on the resources allocated, the books can be maintained digitally through software or an online sheet or in a physical book offline.
  • Expense Tracking: While recording transactions is one thing, maintaining records of all the expenses is also crucial. This helps understand what and how much your business is liable for. With a regular track of expenses, the bookkeeper can highlight any potential rise or fall that could convert to changing the financial status of a business.
  • Managing Invoices and Receipts: Every business earns money by collecting cash from customers. And to collect cash, proper invoices are required. While collecting cash immediately at the point of sale is an easy process, it becomes complicated when recurring fees and delayed payments are involved. Thus, the bookkeeper should maintain all the invoices and receipts and ensure all the payments are received on time.

Payroll processing, banking, compliance, and financial reporting are other essential aspects of a business. You can get rid of all the worries and hassles by finding a processional Toongabbie accountant to handle your finances.

Mary Mack