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HP Reverb G2 With Amazing Clarity

HP Reverb G2 With Amazing Clarity

The HP Reverb G2 headset is very comfortable with great audio and excellent display clarity. The HP Reverb G2 headset is an evolution from the original HP Reverb.

The new headset shares the same basic shape and size and offers similar technical specifications, although the material construction is somewhat different. If you are looking for buying Hp reverb G2 prescription lenses, you can also check out this source:

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The Reverb G2 has a fully plastic outer shell, which means you can wipe it down to keep it fresh and clean.

Valve Parts

At first glance, the most apparent difference between the two Reverb headsets is the head strap design. The original model had a unique head strap that terminated in a circle that cupped the back of your head. 

We found the design quite comfortable when we tested it, but HP decided that the head strap needed an improvement for the new model.

Antimicrobial Cushions

The rear of the head strap is reinforced by a plastic frame that cradles the back of your skull. The back of the strap includes a dense cushion with a microfiber cover for comfort. 

The cushion is removable, so you can wash it or replace it in the future. The microfiber cover also features an antimicrobial coating to help keep the headset sanitary. An overhead strap helps keep the weight of the device balanced on your head.

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