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Heel Pain Prevention and Treatment

Heel Pain Prevention and Treatment

Because the foot can hurt, it is often difficult to get around. The foot is the largest part of the body. If the foot is not elevated, it can support all the weight of the person.

The pain in the heel does not always appear immediately. Although the foot is designed to support your body weight, it can also cause discomfort and pain when you do strenuous activities.

Treatments for Heel Pain

Non-surgical and surgical treatments are available. You can also consult the best podiatrists in Baltimore for heel pain treatment through

4 Common Causes Of Heel Pain In Kids And Its Treatment

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The treatment injections of anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and pain. To diagnose the condition, podiatrists may examine the affected area and take x-rays.

Orthotic devices, such as shoe inserts, traps, and straps, are often used to correct foot posture and improve mobility and functionality. These devices support the feet and keep a person's feet healthy.

Only in extreme cases, such as when the plantar fascia must be released or when there are heel spurs to be removed, can surgical treatments be performed.

How to Prevent Heel Pain

Proper shoes can help prevent heel pain. To reduce stress on the feet from trying to walk in shoes that are too tight or loose, try finding shoes that fit better. Losing weight is a good option for obese people to reduce the risk of developing heel pain.

Make sure to get enough sleep and nutrition so that you can take good care of your feet as well as your body.


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