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Explore The Features Of The Ice Ball Arcade Machine Game

Explore The Features Of The Ice Ball Arcade Machine Game

Ice Ball is a game that begins with unmatched ease of assembly. The game is complete in just a few minutes. Gaming cabinets have a unique plywood construction with a special coating for a superior finish. A special lacquer finish is applied to the wood for a beautiful, rich and deep look.

All cabinet panels are interlocked, dowel-reinforced, and glued together to produce a cabinet that can withstand all the abuse you can put into it. Know more details about the ice ball game through

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Loading tickets is a breeze with our removable drawer. This new feature dramatically reduces the time required to load tickets, as well as making it much more useful for ticket service jams or dispensers.

Long-lasting fluorescent lighting is used throughout the Iceball game to reduce maintenance and create a bright play area. Even the return area of the ball is backlit to add appearance and serviceability to the game.

With a specially designed solenoid and double links, this mechanism has been tested to last for years. Best of all, the entire assembly simply comes out of the cabinet without the need for tools.

The best cutting edge sound audio is used to create an exciting atmosphere for the game player. Even our background theme is synced so that all games play the theme at the same time, even when only one game is playing.

ICE BALL allows the operator to give players additional balls when a certain point threshold is reached. Additionally, double scores can be awarded if desired. This extends the possible total points and adds a lot to the appeal of the players.

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