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Digital Printing Is Cutting Costs For You

Digital Printing Is Cutting Costs For You

Digital printing is often referred to as print on demand because of the flexibility it offers the user. It can be a more cost-effective way of printing small quantities that would not be possible with traditional printing.

Digital printing uses a digital imaging process to transfer the image directly onto the paper. Basically, it makes your computer a printing press and makes printing as easy and inexpensive as making a copy.

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The best time to use digital printing is for small jobs or for when you want to print as you need it. Conventional print jobs require a setup fee that typically makes it too expensive for smaller jobs.

Smaller companies are turning to digital printing because there is usually a much lower setup cost and there is no minimum volume run. It can be used on surfaces other than paper, such as film, cloth, or plastic.

It is easier to make last-minute changes or corrections because the setup is all on the computer. Many companies are using digital printing to create brochures, business cards, labels, and other as-needed printing jobs.

As the technology for small, home-based printers continues to expand, it is likely that digital printing will become more popular. There may be a day when conventional printing is made completely obsolete by the ease and low cost of digital printing.

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