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Barcode Labels: Where They Are Used?

Barcode Labels: Where They Are Used?

Barcode is a method of representing information in the form of machine-readable form. These barcodes are generally printed on the barcode label. Barcode labels are the tags that help both humans and machines to identify a product’s manufacturing date and its country of origin.

Barcode labels are designed by software and are decoded using a scanner. These labels are made using a variety of different components such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or paper. There are many manufacturers in the market that manufacture high-quality and customized barcode labels for their customers.

How to Make a Barcode in 3 Steps

Generally, barcodes consist of parallel lines and spaces of variable thickness and they are used to represent the various details of the particular product. The details can include the weight and price of the product, expiry date, manufacturing date, or serial number.

Barcode labels are used in various sectors:

  • All products available in grocery stores, retail stores and in department stores have bar codes. They are extensively used as a safety measure in all areas of operation. 

  • They are also used in warehouses to track and manage inventory and on invoices to help with accounting.

  • Products sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, and other stores also use barcode labels.

Hence, these labels are used in the majority of products for quick identification of the various details about the product. These bar codes are generally decoded optically by scanning the printed pattern.

Mary Mack