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Attic Roof And Wall Penetration Caulking Helps Prevent Leaks

Attic Roof And Wall Penetration Caulking Helps Prevent Leaks

Transferring heat from one room to another through walls or out of an attic is natural, but unfortunately very expensive. According to estimates, 35% of heat goes through poorly insulated walls and 25% through the roof and attic. Heat lost to the elements could cost you up to 60% of your monthly energy bill. 

The penetration caulking of the attic roof or wall involves finding and sealing any open or uninsulated gaps with expandable thermal caulking. It is not always easy to find leaks. Sometimes leaks can go unnoticed for years, even if they are properly inspected by insulation professionals. You should hire those caulking services that have an experienced team of caulkers in their staff.  

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Check insulation for dark spots to find leaks. Localized stains in insulation that is located in the attic could be a sign of heavy outside contact. These spots could indicate dirt having filtered through cracks or a leak. In cool weather, another way to find areas that need repair is to look for frost buildup within the insulation. 

Frost is caused by the condensation of warm moist air inside a house when it comes in contact with cooler air outside. Most of the time, frosty insulation that is dirty or damaged does not need replacing. However, the leak should be repaired as soon as possible. You should repair large holes or leaks with the right equipment.

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