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All About Rich Stanek

All About Rich Stanek

Rich Stanek is co-founder and Principal Consultant at Public Safety Strategies Group, LLC, bringing his vast knowledge gained from his 36 years of experience in public safety to clients all over the nation which includes leadership of organizations and management of agencies and the best practices of law enforcement across the nation as well as crime reduction strategies.

Rich Stanek was the 27th Sheriff in Hennepin County, Minnesota for 12 years and was responsible for the security and safety of 1.2 million people. He was in charge of more than 1100 volunteers and employees and a budget of $125 million, and also provided security and care for prisoners at the most expansive Jail and Sheriff’s Office in the Upper Midwest.

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He is the writer of several books that provide education to residents on the latest justice and safety issues, including Mental Illness in Jail prisoners, Opioid Abuse as well as addiction, the nexus of Mass Shootings, and Mental Illness, the Collapse of the 35W Bridge Intelligence-led Policing and, FirstNet. The specifically designed National Public Safety Broadband Network for the First Responders.

Rich was a two-term member as a member of the Board of Directors for FirstNet. The organization’s purpose is to create, develop and manage its Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network that provides first responders.

Rich began his police career in 1983 with the Cottage Grove Police Department and was a part of the Minneapolis Police Department in 1986 and moved up the ranks to become Captain and commanded his department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

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