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All About Power Of Attorney

All About Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written document that an adult with a valid legal status is appointed by an adult person who is competent for performing the duties of the principal's attorney. 

It is generally accepted that the attorney can perform any legal obligation or job that the principal has the legal right to carry out for himself/herself. You can find more information about guardian wills in Southampton, PA online.

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What is the reason why the Power of Attorney is so important?

Every adult has daily responsibilities to take care of, like paying bills. A lot of people are under the assumption that in the event of a catastrophic injury or illness the spouse or children will automatically take over their duties in Southampton, PA. However, this is usually not the case, even when joint ownership exists.

A poorly created and executed power of attorney can create severe problems when a person is suffering from severe disease or injury, rendering them unable to make decisions or manage financial or medical issues in Southampton, PA.

They typically require formal proceedings and can be costly in courts in Southampton, PA. Lawyers are required to draft and file the necessary documents and doctors to present medical evidence about the mental impairment of the person who is the subject of the case.

The process also requires the involvement of a guardian in temporary custody to examine, or even intervene, when necessary, in the surrogate proceeding in Southampton, PA.

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