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All about Breast Reduction Surgery

All about Breast Reduction Surgery

The procedure removes excess breast tissue and skin to give your breasts a look that is proportional to your body shape and reduces the discomfort that comes with having big breasts. After the procedure, the breast tissue and skin have been removed, your nipple can be placed higher on your chest.

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Female Breast Reduction Surgery, Breast Reduction Cost in Gurgaon

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We have recently talked about the coverage of insurance for this procedure as well as the fact that the weight of a woman can play a role in the decision to cover the insurance company. We would like you to be as educated as you can before deciding to undergo the procedure to reduce breasts. 

This article will help you prepare for your appointment for your surgeon board certification. Here are some questions to ask for your surgeon:

1. Will there be any scars left following the procedure?

2. Do I lose sensation in my nostrils?

3. What age do I need to be in order to undergo this procedure?

4. How long should I wait following my breastfeeding to undergo a reduction of breasts surgery?

5. Do breast reduction surgeries boost my chance of getting breast cancer?

If you have relatives who have battled breast cancer, your chance increases. Check your breasts every month and undergo mammograms when recommended by your primary physician. Keep in mind that breast cancer can be detected at any time and doctors must be able to examine all lumps in the breast. 

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