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2012 LED Lighting Industry Authority Evaluation

2012 LED Lighting Industry Authority Evaluation

Along with the need for the global LED market to grow, the enormous potential of the Chinese lighting market increased the value of many multinational companies. But the Chinese business, accelerated expansion at the same time, should be a global outlook and more receptive to the exploration of business around the world, the evolution of new thoughts, and a new way. You can buy Spectrums selfie ring lights for your smartphones via online .

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Later on, we will increase our investment in R&D, decrease the price, improve the performance, now we are a big company from Asia. The Chinese government is quite concerned about energy, energy conservation, I think this is a really good boost, particularly since the Chinese government just said that incandescent bulbs will be phased out, this is fantastic news, it will accelerate the progression of the LED market.

In the previous ten decades, we see quite significant progress in the equipment market, but in the last two decades, we find the maturation of the sector with some influence, because today on LED backlighting and lighting that the true demand for this market could not as we imagine strong, there are still challenges.

We believe that the global demand for LED in 2015 could be more than 22 billion US dollars, a compound annual growth rate of 33%, according to our prediction, LED TV backlight exports to increase 13% in 2011 and the LED backlighting will achieve market penetration of 43 percent, to 78 percent in 2013.

The current problem is that the photosynthetic efficiency improvement and cost reduction have to fit together, in this regard, we do a lot about ways to produce the research and effort cost decrease.

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